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Best Surfing in Bali

There is no taming of the sea. There are no rules to follow. It's just you and the waves. So let go and let it flow.

What’s my WHY?  My kids.  They inspire me.  They motivate me.  They are my reason.

Tommy Wellman III

Aloha bali surf founder & owner, and full-time father

Our Story

Aloha Bali Surf was conceptualised back in 2010 by Tommy, the Founder and Owner, whilst running Kids' Camps and After-School Activity Programs on the Island. It was a business that grew quickly and organically, and through word of mouth and recommendations, he soon found himself with a full client list and busting with new ideas. With a laid-back Californian vibe and Hawaiian Island Spirit, Aloha Bali Surf was born, catering to locals as well as Bali’s international visitors; As one guest once said: “created to bring the Aloha to the Indonesian islands” Today, Aloha Bali Surf has grown to include: The Surf Station One-Stop Shop The Aloha Bali Beach Shacks The Surf Charter Boats in The Mentawais and Nusa Tengara The Kids' Surf Camps Private and Group Surf Sessions Surf Guiding and Coaching Board Rentals, Repairs & Custom-Made Quivers and finally, the Retreats. From beginners to advanced surfers, whatever it may be, Aloha Bali Surf's services cover all your surfing needs, so: COME GET SOME! Aloha Bali Surf operates with Safety and Professionalism at all times, complying with International Surf School legislation by providing all instructors with Surf Rescue training. In accordance with The Aloha Spirit Law, regular donations are made to various local villages, orphanages, and other positive community programs.

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Tommy Wellman III

Aloha Bali Surf Big Boss Man
From: El Toro, California. Been here for over 10 years with my two sons. I love the freedom Bali affords me and the amazing consistent swells on my doorstep. I just love getting people hooked on surfing. Seeing them stand up for the first time: Priceless.

Lita Septiani

Aloha Bali Surf Station Boss Lady
From: Jakarta, Indonesia All in my life I've lived between Bali and Jakarta. I just love the energy here in Bali. I AM organisation, so managing the Surf Station is my Mecca.

Danyel Amar

Surf Instructior
From: Kuta, Bali Born and raised in Bali - this is my home and that's why I love it 🙂 Getting paid to surf...that is living the dream my friend.

Satria Putra

Surf Station Surfer Dude
From: Bandung, Java Bali is great for fun! I love meeting all the different people in the shop and getting them their dream board!

Demian Amar

Surf Instructor
From: Kuta, Bali Lived here all my life. I like the friendly atmosphere of the island. I love how everyday is different!

Kristin Clark

Surf Instructor
From: Sumatra, Indonesia I've been living in Bali full time for the past 10 years, loving the sun, the surf, and the parties. Spreading the Girl Power!


Surf Instructor
From: Sulawesi I've lived in Bali since I was 4 years old. The mix of amazing waves, people and opportunities keeps me here. I love getting people addicted to surfing.

Andrew Bennett

Owner & Surf Guide - Indo Surfaris
From: South Africa I'm normally living on the Surfaris Charter Boat cruising the Islands around Bali. I love wave hunting on the boat, finding secret spots and creating amazing surfing experiences.

Guy Morgan

Surf Guide & Photographer - Bintang Surf Charters
From: South Africa Currently living on the Bintang Surf Charter Boat based in the Mentawais. I love catching the best moment of a guest's life!


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