Why Bali is the Best Place to Learn to Surf

Learn to Surf Bali

If you could learn to surf anywhere in the world, where would you choose? While California and Hawaii may be the first places to come to mind, newbies and pros alike have been traveling to Bali for years to wax up their boards and ride the waves onto the beaches of this beautiful Indonesian island. With a vibrant surf culture and beaches with waves for both beginners and experienced surfers of all ages, Bali is the perfect place to learn to surf. What’s more, the island has plenty of things to do—from exploring beautiful scenery and relaxing to discovering its rich cultural heritage.

Still not convinced? We’ve put together a little list at Aloha Bali Surf that’s sure to have you packing your bags in no time.

5 Reasons to Learn to Surf in Bali  

1. Culture

Polynesia is the birthplace of surfing, and the culture is alive and well in Indonesia. This is true not only for locals, but for visitors as well. While the activity has been around for thousands of years, people have been traveling to Bali for decades because of the variety of waves—perfect for beginners who want to learn to surf and advanced surfers alike—and the already-existing surf culture that you’ll find anywhere you go on the island.

2. Cost

Learning to surf doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg, and Bali is the perfect place to get your feet wet without spending too much money. The island is known for its affordability—in accommodations, food, and activities—and its surf camp packages are just as friendly to your wallet as everything else. This means that you can spend as long as you want on the island, without having to pay high prices that would otherwise prevent you from learning everything there is to learn about surfing.

3. Water & Landscape

One of the reasons why surf culture is doing so well in Bali is because it’s literally the perfect place to surf—the water, the waves, the beaches, and the scenery create the perfect environment for learning how to surf. There’s a wide range of wave types, which means that both beginners and professionals will thrive in the waters; with so many sandy beaches and rolling, verdant hills, you will truly be inspired to spend all your days in the water surfing.

4. Lessons

The best place to learn to surf is at a surf camp. You can think of this as an immersive experience in surf culture, where you will eat, sleep, and think all about the sport! At Aloha Bali Surf, there’s nothing more that we love than teaching people how to ride the waves, while also providing them with accommodations, food, transportation, and everything else you need to feel at home on the island during your stay.

5. Activities

Last but not least, the reason why you want to learn to surf in Bali over other places is that it is jam-packed with things to do when you need a break from surfing. You can climb volcanoes, parasail over rolling hills, visit ancient temples, practice yoga, shop at local markets—the list goes on! Just because you’re learning to surf doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make time to really get to know your surroundings.

The Essential Surf Camp Package from Aloha Bali Surf

If Bali is beginning to sound like the right place for you, here’s a sneak peek at The Essential Surf Package at Aloha Bali Surf, which you can enjoy for $599/week or $150/day:

1. Surf Sessions

The first step to learn to surf is to find the right instructor. At our camp, we have teachers that are both experienced and qualified, guaranteeing that you learn how to surf in a way that’s safe and fun. There are no hidden costs, either—for the price above, you receive five 90–120-minute surf sessions, in which the surfboard, leash, and rash vests are provided. Aside all the sessions and package, we provide kids surf lessons, which differentiates us from many.

2. Meals

Why worry about eating when your surf camp can provide you with fresh, healthy options twice a day? At our camp, we provide breakfast and dinner daily, so you can rest assured that you will be fully-charged for your surf lessons and activities around the island.

3. Island Tours

During our surf camps, we also take visitors on one adventure island day tour. Choose between mountain biking or white-water rafting, and we’ll take care of the rest.

4. Yoga & Meditation

Did you know that learning to surf has plenty of health benefits? Discover how to practice surf yoga and meditation, in an effort to not only relax, but improve flexibility and present-moment awareness.

5. Photos

Over the course of your trip, our team of professional photographers will be taking snapshots of you riding the waves. This means that by the end of your stay, you’ll have a portfolio of photos showcasing your strengths on the board and also serving as an everlasting memory of your trip to Bali.

6. Insurance

Just in case anything happens to our surfboards while you’re out on the water, we automatically factor in insurance. This allows you to learn to surf in an environment where you’re not afraid to make mistakes and take risks—two of the most important parts of learning to surf like a pro!

7. Transportation

When arriving at the airport and leaving our surf camp, we will offer you transportation—ultimately allowing you to kick back and relax while we coordinate pick-ups and drop-offs.  

Life’s Too Short – Learn to Surf in Bali Now!

Now you know why Bali is the best place to surf in the world! And you also know everything that Aloha Bali Surf has to offer. So why don’t you check out our website and book a trip for yourself, your friends, and your family. Contact us online today or call +1 (949) 942-7217.

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