What You Can Expect from Your First Surf Lesson

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Are you planning to spend a week or long weekend hitting the waves at your very first surf camp in Bali? You’re probably wondering what you can expect from such an adventure. Be prepared to learn a lot and have fun while our instructors teach you how to ride the waves with poise and precision.

At Aloha Bali Surf, we teach surfing to students at every level, including beginners. So, if you’ve never surfed before, here are some of the things you can expect from one of our surf packages bali.

Rise & Shine Bright & Early

Making an early start in the morning is key when it comes to learning how to surf; this way you’ll be able to experience a variety of different types of waves throughout the day. In the morning, you’ll be provided with all of the necessary surf gear (if you don’t have your own board don’t worry, we’ll have one that fits you perfectly).

Catching Your First Wave

Before catching your first wave in the water, we’ll first take some time to practice and get to know the feel of your board on the shore. This is a warmup session where you’ll practice paddling in the sand before you hit the water. Then, you’ll get in the water and feel the waves, learning how to float and paddle while keeping your balance. After doing this for a while, you’ll try to stand up once you feel comfortable, using all of your balance and upper body strength. There will likely be some trial and error involved but don’t worry, it’s all part of the process.

Committing to Getting Up

One of the most important aspects of learning how to surf is committing to standing up on the board no matter how many times you fall. Our staff will be guiding you and encouraging you along the way to ensure you stay motivated. Soon enough, you’ll be catching one wave after another.

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    This was a great read and never been this by other surf yoga retreats- looking forward to it

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