The Health Benefits of Surfing in Bali

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When it comes to surfing and sun, Bali is one of the most world-renown spots, not only for its beauty but the quality of its waves. Plus, there are plenty of cozy affordable Bali surf accommodations, like Aloha Bali Surf for one. However, if you’re interested in learning more about the health benefits of surfing and how it can revitalize you, we’ve collected some insight for you here.

Fun Exercise

Surfing is all about working your body out but also having fun while doing so. It’s much more exciting than hitting the gym or running laps in the neighborhood, plus, it’s more challenging. While in the water paddling or up on your board, you’ll be in constant motion, burning off extra calories and strengthening those muscles.

Getting into Better Shape

If you take a Bali surf camp, you’ll return home in much better health than when you left. Not only does surfing help improve your muscles it also boosts your stamina and cardiovascular health. Surfing, in particular, helps strengthen the muscles in your back and shoulders in addition to your legs. It can improve your mental health as well.

Boost Your Peace of Mind

Those who surf often develop a reputation for being relaxed and more at ease than the average person. There’s a reason why, and it’s no secret: surfing can provide you with a more tranquil outlook on life and greater peace of mind. But there’s also a scientific reason behind it. As waves break, they release ions into the atmosphere, and breathing in these ions increases your serotonin and endorphin levels.

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If you want to learn to surf in one of the most beautiful places in the world, Aloha Bali Surf would love to hear from you. We offer surf camp packages and yoga retreats of all levels, so if it’s not your first time hitting the waves, don’t worry, we have instructors that will suit your pace.

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