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How Your Mind & Body Benefit from Surfing

Did you know that surfing is good for your mind, body, and—if you believe in one—soul? This ancient Polynesian activity has become a popular contemporary sport not only because it’s a fun thing to do at the beach, but also … Read More

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Bali Bucketlist: Things to Do on Your Surf Trip

People travel from all over the world to surf the waters of Bali—but did you know that this beautiful Indonesian island is also home to volcanos, ancient temples, local markets, and pristine beaches? Regardless of whether you’re coming to Bali … Read More

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The Safest Family-Friendly Surf Destinations Around the World

When it comes to the annual family holiday, sure hitting the beach is always relaxing. But what about doing something a bit different? Don’t worry, there’ll still be waves and plenty of clear crystal blue water, only you’ll also have … Read More

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5 of the Most Common Surf Maneuvers

When it comes to surfing, it’s more than simply riding a wave: you’ve got to add some style to it! That’s why many of today’s greatest surfers are known for their maneuvers and tricks on the water. At Aloha Bali … Read More

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5 Tips to Get You Ready to Surf

Some surfers sure do make it look easy, don’t they? They can ride the waves gracefully and never seem to fall. Well, that comes from years of practice, but if you’re attending our surf school Bali don’t worry, we’ve got … Read More

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An Expert’s Guide to How Surfboards Are Made

While watching surfers gracefully riding the waves, you might not give a second thought to the boards they’re using. But, there are many different types of surfboards, and creating them is a painstaking process that includes a lot of love … Read More

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Yoga Classes at Your Bali Surf Camp

Do you want to switch everything off for a while and get away from the job, or the hustle and bustle of city life, and recharge your body and mind? Well, at the surf and yoga retreat in Bali with … Read More

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5 Reasons Why Surfing is Good for the Body & Mind

It’s certainly no surprise that surfing can be quite a workout, especially for beginners. But we here at Aloha Bali Surf want you to know that it can be much more than a physical experience. When you attend our surf … Read More