Choosing the Right Surfboard

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For surfing beginners, choosing the right board can seem like a bit of a mystery because they come in all different shapes and sizes. But don’t despair, if you’re attending your first Bali surf camp, the team from Aloha Bali Surf has collected some tips for choosing the best board for you here. 

Below you’ll find all you need to know to select the right board size and get out there on the water and start enjoying yourself.

The 4 Main Board Types

Before diving into things, it’s important to know a bit about the most common board types you’ll find being used today. They are:

  • The Longboard
  • The Funboard
  • The Shortboard
  • The Fish

What Type of Board is Best for Me?

To determine the best surfboard for you, you’ll first need to consider what level of surfer you are. For beginners, longboards are often the best as they’re made from softer material that makes them float better and it’s easier to keep your balance. They’re also longer and wider. Shortboards, funboards, and fish boards are for more intermediate or advanced surfers who’ve learned the basics and ride the waves a little faster.

Consider Your Weight & the Board’s

Another important consideration when choosing a surfboard is weight, both its and yours. For lighter people, shorter boards might make it easier to paddle and use their arms in the water. Heavier and taller people will find that longer and thicker boards will enable them to make easier turns and paddle more freely.

How Often Do You Surf?

How frequently you hit the waves is another good indicator of the right board type for you. This is because if you’re surfing on a daily or weekly basis, you’ll progress much faster than if you surf every once in a while. Those who surf regularly should think about investing in a smaller board since they’ll likely outgrow a longboard pretty quickly.

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