6 Reasons to Learn to Surf in Indonesia

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Known for its breathtaking beauty and culture, Indonesia has long since been a prime travel destination. This is especially true when it comes to surfing. Bali, in particular, has been a surfer’s paradise for many years now.

Here, Aloha Bali Surf wanted to highlight some of the main reasons that make Bali, Indonesia, one of the best places in the world for beginner’s Bali surf lessons.

1. Water Temperature

In Bali, Indonesia, there’s no reason to wear a wetsuit to combat those frigid waves. Since Indonesia is a tropical archipelago, its water temperature is perfect to surf without a wetsuit all year round. This makes it much easier for beginners to stand up on the board the first time.

2. The Waves

Another major reason that makes Indonesia, Bali in particular, one of the best places on Earth to learn to surf is the quality of the waves. The area has one of the most consistent swells in the world, building in South Africa and arriving at the reefs and tropical waters of Indonesia in perfect swell lines.

3. Wave Variety

In Indonesia, you’ll find all different types of waves. There are many spots to choose from, making it a perfect place for surfing lessons in Bali. Waves at every level make the area ideal for surfing on everything from longboards to shortboards, and nearly every other board type.

4. The Tides

In Indonesia, the tides are highly varied, making the same spot go from having the perfect longboard learning waves to smaller, easier waves in a manner of hours. As the tides change, so does the quality of waves, giving surfers a varied choice of waves to ride for their Bali surf lessons.

5. It’s Cheap

When compared to other surf spots around the world, like Hawaii or Portugal, Indonesia is much cheaper. Getting there is the biggest expense but once you’re there, everything from food to lodging is a fraction of the price of other surfing destinations.

6. The Culture

The Indonesian culture is welcoming, and the locals are extremely friendly, especially in Bali. The Hindus embrace nature, meaning the ocean and beaches are always clean. Plus, there are beautiful ancient temples to tour. Because of our position in the community, Aloha Bali Surf is allowed to surf anywhere on the island, something that can’t be said for other surf schools.

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