5 Reasons Why Surfing is Good for the Body & Mind

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It’s certainly no surprise that surfing can be quite a workout, especially for beginners. But we here at Aloha Bali Surf want you to know that it can be much more than a physical experience. When you attend our surf camp bali, you’ll be working out both your body and your mind.

We’ve listed some of the key benefits of surfing for you below!

1. You’ll Be Immersed in Nature

Getting fresh air can do wonders for both the body and the mind, and when you’re surfing, you’ll be surrounded by nature. Studies have shown that spending time outdoors can result in a decrease in blood pressure as well as an increase in peace of mind. By surfing, you’ll feel restored and exhilarated.

2. It Increases Your Happiness Hormones

Believe it or not, surfing actually affects your hormones by leading to the release of endorphins. This helps improve your mood and also works as a natural painkiller. While surfing, your body also produces important things like dopamine, serotonin, and adrenaline, all of which keep your body healthy and alert.

3. You’ll Burn Calories

The food in Bali is delicious, and when you invest in one of the surf packages in Bali from Aloha Bali Surf, you’ll be able to eat every dish that catches your eye. This is because, during the day, you’ll be burning off those calories while surfing. You’ll burn around 400 calories a day while hitting the waves.

4. Surfing Helps Make You Stronger

Surfing is quite a workout. From all of the paddling, your upper body will get a workout and your arms will eventually get much stronger. But so does your heart as well because when surfing, you’ll also be stimulating your cardiovascular system and improving cholesterol and circulation.

5. Added Vitamin D

Being out in the sun all day will boost your Vitamin D intake, which has some great health benefits. It aids in immune system development, as well as keeping your skin healthy and your bones strong. Additionally, some studies have shown that increased Vitamin D also helps reduce depression and regulates your mood.

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