5 of the Most Common Surf Maneuvers

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When it comes to surfing, it’s more than simply riding a wave: you’ve got to add some style to it! That’s why many of today’s greatest surfers are known for their maneuvers and tricks on the water. At Aloha Bali Surf, we love to teach those attending our surf and yoga retreats some of the most common moves to try, so our staff has gathered them here!

1.  Bottom Turn

This is one of the most important surfing maneuvers, and it’s likely to be the one you’ll learn first. This is because the bottom turn is the setting for many of the other most common surfing maneuvers. This turn is a powerful, smooth turn that occurs at the bottom of the wave and is designed to transform your vertical speed into horizontal speed when the wave begins dropping.

2. Carving

Like bottom turns, carving is another surfing essential, enabling you to change your direction while on an open section of a wave. With carving, you’ll rely on your weight distribution to change your direction and speed. You can move your feet while standing up or shift your weight on the body of the board, the possibilities are endless.

3. Trimming

Often trimming and carving are terms some might use interchangeably, but there’s a noticeable difference between the two. With trimming, your goal is to adjust to the shape of a wave rather than completely change direction. You lean your body slightly on your heels or toes to go slightly higher or lower on the wave.

4. Snap

This is a trick you’ll often see more advanced surfers do and it can look spectacular when properly executed. It’s when a surfer performs a quick movement or “slash” at the top of a wave, which results in a big spray of water.

5. 360

Of course, the 360 is the mother of all maneuvers in almost any sport. In surfing it’s a full rotation performed on the face of a wave either by carving, or simply moving the body so the surfer looks like they’re spinning down the wave.

Contact us today for more about Bali surf lessons! If you want to get out there and try some of the maneuvers mentioned above, opt for any of the Bali Surf Lessons and why not pay Aloha Bali Surf a visit? We offer both surfing and yoga retreats, so contact us online or call (949) 942-7217.

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