The Spirit of Island Surfing

Aloha Surf Lessons Coaching

Beginner Surf Lessons
Learn the basics of catching waves  in a safe and secure environment. Learn about the surfboard, understand the surf, positioning, paddling, catching waves with control and standing up. Essential ocean safety and much more..Get the thrill and aloha of riding small rolling waves with easy to follow steps.

Intermediate Surf Lessons
Coaching is tailored to the individuals needs, open face surfing; refining take off, generating speed, climbing and dropping on the wave face.

  • You will be able to paddle to the line up surfing serious waves and challenging your ability to the max.
  • Developing forehand and backhand and mid-face turns to re-entries,you will be able to do bottom and top turns and transitions.
  • Video feedback on how you surf, so you can learn from this experience.
  • You are able to do bottom and top turns and link maneuvers but still lack style and consistency.
  • Want to refine timing and take off, mid face, bottom turns and riding the waves face.

You are looking to tighten your maneuvers, have as much water time, picking the best spots on the day to surf.

Lesson Includes/ what to bring

  • Surf tuition – 2 or 2.5 hrs (depends on age)
  • Free hotel transfer
  • Quality surfboards & equipment
  • Sun protection, surf shirts & shorts, clean towel
  • Mineral water