The Spirit of Island Surfing

About Us

What we’re all about…

Catching the aloha spirit in all these islands, surfing and thriving with lots of positive activities… is what’s it all about.
Our Aloha Surf Shacks, sitting by the beaches and pools in some of Bali’s top resorts provide all of your surfing needs.

We take safety, fun, and professionalism as our main priorities when providing our services. So whether it be an outing to a private beach, a skatepark tour or surf lessons- we do it with that aloha spirit which is fun, safe and professional. This business was started for the local kids and international kids on the island back in 2010, doing camps and after-school activities. Now it has blossomed into giving the same stoke to Bali’s guests.

The Aloha Bali Surf School was created to bring the Aloha to the Indonesian islands. Check out all our surf packages and activities, and of course all our other activities/events we offer through this website. Its about giving not taking any mahalo from what is provided to us from the beauty of the 17,000 plus islands existing in Indonesia!

We would also like to say we are employing locals and training all our instructors to be Surf Rescue certified.  Also donating and helping various villages throughout the archipelago.